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Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) is additive manufacturing as toolmakers would want it. Whether your business is prototyping, production, or personalization, FIM offers the optimal blend of flexibility, scalability, and versatility. Sustainable competitive 3D printed tooling from day one.

Product development

Pepsi bottle cap on 3D printed tool.

Freeform Injection Molding brings transformative prototyping speed to the injection molding industry — at lower costs and with more design freedom than any other prototype injection mold tooling technology.  

Freeform Injection Molding is powering the launch of new ideas and promising start-ups globally. From water purification systems to world-class sporting goods. From innovative medical devices to innovative new materials.

What would your next development project be, if you did not have to think about excessive tooling cost?



Freeform Injection Molding combines the quality, scalability, and versatility of injection molding with the short lead times and low start-up costs from 3D printing. Resulting in an ideal tool for high-mix, low-volume production where complexity is high, and the need for flexibility is even higher.

Freeform Injection Molding offers low-volume production already proven in numerous demanding applications. From COVID-19 personal protection equipment to consumer goods and spare parts.

What would you make if you did not have to think about tooling lead times when setting up a 0-series production?



Have you ever wanted to produce a single personalized injection-molded component?. Only to shrug off the idea, since injection mold tooling is too expensive for one-off components.

Freeform Injection Molding is built for one-off situations, and the technique is proven in several world-class applications. From prosthetics used in the Paralympics to personalized headsets for endurance drivers in professional motorsport. It is even used to injection mold dental aligners in PEEK material.

If creativity was your only limitation, what would your injection molded batch-of-one application be?


One to one market knowledge, second to non ambition


One of the Injection Molding machines at Addifab.
Accelerated development with unseen injection molding tools

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