#In-ear audio

In-ear audio made personal

“Four hours into the race, your inner ears start hurting. And then you know that you’ll have another 20 hours ahead of you before they can start recovering”, says Søren Jönsson. As a top-flight endurance racer, he is used to very long hours behind the wheel.


In-ear audio transmission is an indispensable part of staying in the lead. But even the custom-fit products tested by Søren and his team had unacceptable sound quality, sub-par fits, and a tendency to fall apart in the middle of races.


“My first experience was pain. My co-driver was not wearing Addifab molds. And he had maxed out the volume on the intercom system to be able to hear what the pit crew was yelling. The in-ear blast that I received when plugging in my ear-molds – and the difference in sound quality and sound pressure levels -were quite staggering.” - Søren Jönsson, Top-flight endurance racer


Turning to Freeform Injection Molding provided Søren Jönsson with the long-sought-after solution: A soft, individualized silicone earmold with a ruggedized speakersystem in an injection-molded enclosure that included cable strain relief and high-quality audio.


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