Delivering impact with Freeform Injection Molding

More than 800 million people lack access to clean drinking water worldwide, and 4Life has set sights on solving this challenge with a UV-absorbing water container. User studies demonstrated that the bag would need a tap, and 4Life decided to invest in a suitable solution.

It is essential that the tap is cheap, as it is part of a product sold in Uganda for 3€ a piece,” - says Alexander Løcke.

As the Chief Technology Officer and founder of the company 4Life Solutions – previously Solarsack – he is used to frugal innovation.

“At one stage in our journey, Freeform Injection Molding saved us a lot of headaches. User tests demonstrated that the first version of the tap was not strong enough for the purpose. Freeform Injection Molding allowed us to backtrack with no loss of traction or investments. In contrast, the rework on a conventional pilot tool might well have soaked dry our limited available funding.” - Jonas Pilgaard, CEO, 4LifeSolutions


We wanted to create a tap that was water-tight without the use of gaskets or 2K molding. The use of Freeform Injection Molding in the development process has allowed us to test designs and tolerances early in the process,” Alexander Løcke concludes.

Following successful development, the 4Life Solutions team has distributed the transformative product to societies in some of the world’s least developed areas.


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