Freeform Injection Molding as a service

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your next product development project? Do you want it done faster, more sustainably, and cheaper than ever? Then get in touch with us, your Freeform Injection Molding experts.

Services we can help you with


Get not only prototypes but productypes. Prototypes that look, feel, and stress-test like the real product.

Small scale production

Get your small production runs done rapidly. Whether it be for spare-parts or simply small batches.

Material validation

Got a new material you wish to introduce to the world? Get it validated for both additive manufacturing and injection molding through us.

The process of Freeform Injection Molding as a service

Freeform Injection Molding as a service

Addifab employee taking consultation calls.
We want to hear about your design challenges and how we can help you make your latest prototype design a reality, bypass design constraints, and test your materials. Get in touch and we will begin the process.
Mold design
Mold designing the double helix.
We work with STEP files from our clients and converting the STEP file into a mold design is done by inverting the part into a cavity, in a block of material, and then adding the inlet gate(s) and initial venting.

After receiving your part files, our team will start preparing the first iteration of the mold design for the 3D printed tool of your part/product.
3D printing the molding tool
Removing the build plate with 3d printed tool.
Once the mold design has been finished, it moves on to the printing process. The printer used depends on your requirements and part size. Thus, your specific use case will dictate which printer is being used for the 3D printing.
Injection molding the part
Inserting 3d printed mold tool into aluminium frame of the injection molding machine.
When the 3D printed tool has been cleaned and cured, it is ready to be molded. Your part/product will dictate which injection molding machine will be used. We have different options to cover your different use cases.
Demolding the part
Injection molded bottle cap being demolded in the desktop demolder.
After your part/product has been injection molded, our team will prepare it for the demolding process by milling away part of the mold and trimming excess material off. This will speed up the demolding process, so you can receive your parts faster.
Quality check of part
Once your final part/product is ready, our experts will quality check it to ensure it meets the set requirements.

If requirements aren’t met, our team will asses the part and make a new iteration based on the necessary changes.
We ship your part
Once the part has passed our quality check, it will be shipped to you.

The average use case takes 2-3 weeks depending on the process not involving manufacturing.
Freeform Injection Molding

Enabling you to accelerate, validate and de-risk your hardware development journeys.


Introducing unlimited design freedom + access to any injection molding material, including your own.


The impact: same or next-day injection molded production grade parts with built-in performance from rapid prototyping to small-scale production.

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