Printer resins

The Addifab resins are enablers of an unseen  material selection for 3D printed tools.

Printer Resin

Special 1

Is a resin developed for highly fragile applications, such as ceramic- and metal injection molding, and brittle injection moldable materials. The printed molds with Special 1 (S1) are softer than our other resins, and its maximum temperature is 350 °C (662 °F) for the injected materials. If you are looking for a resin that works with fragile applications requiring delicacy, the S1 is your resin.

Printer Resin

Technical 2

Is specifically developed for demanding medical-grade and food-grade applications and combines two post-curing principles to ensure complete and repeatable curing of the 3D printed tools. At Addifab, we use the Technical 2 (T2) for molds with complex geometries that are hard to clean and cure, and when our customers want injection molded parts for biocompatibility testing without having to commit to traditional tooling investments. If you are looking for a resin that works for complex components in applications requiring special controls, the T2 is your resin.

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