Next level product development takes unseen mold tooling

Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) enables developers of injection molded parts to work with unseen speed and design freedom. The FIM process comprises three core stages: Print. Inject. Dissolve., and Addifab provides all the equipment you need to start producing your own 3D printed tools.


3D Printer

The Toolmaker

When your mold tool has been designed, it is time to print it, and Addifab offers a range of printers and process accessories that will help you accelerate tool manufacturing from weeks or months to hours or days.

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3D Printer

Nexa3D XiP

The XiP, an ultrafast desktop resin 3D printer, combines a small, compact footprint with 4.8L build volume. Create prototyping and production-grade components for engineering, dental, medical, education, and other applications faster than ever before.

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3D Printer

Nexa3D NXE400

The NXE 400 photopolymer 3D printer boasts a remarkable 16L build volume, delivering unmatched speed and throughput without compromising on accuracy or repeatability.

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Auxiliary Equipment

The Cleaning Station

The Addifab Cleaning Station is ventilated, and has two automated, programmable vats with integrated lifting action, and two additional vats for rinse-off.

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Auxiliary Equipment

Nexa3D xWash

Nexa3D’s xWash matches the build volumes and process requirements of the ultrafast NXE400 3D printer giving manufacturers a powerful, consistent, and sustainable washing solution.

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Auxiliary Equipment

Nexa3D xCure

Nexa3D’s xCure post processing solution optimizes the curing of all resin-based parts to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy, robust structural integrity, and stronger molecular structures.

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Auxiliary Equipment

Nexa3D Wash+Cure

The Wash+Cure is tailored for washing and post-curing the parts printed on the XiP printer. It is an all-in-one, automated post-processing system.

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The materials you need for your final product


Once molds have been printed, filling follows. And at Addifab, we are dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their investments in other machinery, such as injection molding machines. Freeform Injection Molding is compatible with the entire range of injection moldable materials, from soft robbers to hard metals, and everything in between.

From Ceramic- to Metal Injection Molding

Injection Molding

The 3D printed tools and tool elements that are at the core of Freeform Injection Molding, fit seamlessly in the mold base units used throughout the industry. The only thing you need to change, to dramatically boost your competitiveness, is the part of the toolchain that creates the first mold.


Demolding Equipment

The Demolding Station

The Addifab Demolding Station is a ventilated cabinet for the demolding procedure which ensures a safe and controlled work environment.

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Demolding Equipment

The Desktop Demolding Station

The Addifab Desktop Demolding Station is a ventilated cabinet for the demolding procedure which ensures a safe and controlled work environment.

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Product Packages

Product Packages

Expanding your options for unseen mold tooling

Packages with global partners who deliver incredible hardware to further explore the unseen possibilities with Freeform Injection Molding.

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Printer Resins

Printer Resins

Addifab Resins

Addifab offers two patent-pending resins for the manufacturing of 3D printed tooling: Technical 2 and Special 1. Both work directly with the Freeform Injection Molding platform; however, they meet different needs and are optimized for different use cases.

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