Mold your way to unseen material capabilites

Injection molding enables hundreds of thousands of materials in the additive space when used with the molds produced with Addifab resins. From metals to rubbers on the injection molding machine of your choice.

For Injection Molding

In the materials you use for your final product


Once molds have been printed, filling follows. And at Addifab, we are dedicated to helping injection molders get the most out of the investments they have already made in materials and machines. Freeform Injection Molding is compatible with the entire range of injection moldable materials, from soft robbers to hard metals, and everything in between.

From CIM to MIM

Injection Molding

The 3D printed tools and tool elements that are at the core of FIM, fit seamlessly in the mold base units used throughout the industry. The only thing you need to change, to dramatically boost your competitiveness, is the part of the toolchain that creates the first mold.

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