#MiMo (Personal Protective Equipment)

From Sketch to Scale-up in weeks to combat Covid-19

My thought was: If we can mount a bacterial removal filter on this kind of mask, we would have a very efficient piece of protective equipment,” says Michael Mølmer, a Danish Emergency Medicine specialist. Caught in the frontline when Covid-19 struck, he had no way to ensure adequate protection for himself or his colleagues, as stocks of PPE got depleted.


Trained to improvise, he started hunting for a solution. After seeing Italian colleagues combine an off-the-shelf snorkeling mask with a ventilator, he thought, “If the mask is air-tight enough to protect and ventilate the patient, it ought to be tight enough to also serve as personal protection.” 

“There’s not a single hotspot in the Covid-19 crisis that possible shortages of PPEs have not challenged. Knowing that we have a PPE backup plan has a tremendous impact on mitigating anxiety among health care workers.”

Lasse Staal Chief Executive Officer and CO-founder, Addifab


Upon finding suitable filters and a high-performance mask, Michael Mølmer had to find a way to combine them effectively. For the solution, he turned to Freeform Injection Molding: “I needed to connect around the filter with a square mask inlet, and I needed the connector to be in a sterilizable material for repeated use without degrading,” Michael Mølmer recalls.


Named after Michael Mølmer, the “MiMo” facemask connector came into being within a week. Responding to immediate demand, Michael Mølmer used Freeform Injection Molding to manufacture the first 1.000 units, which were shipped to Canadian McGill hospital right away.


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