Automating the search for spare parts

“It is great supporting you with our 3D search technology even on the new additive molding area for CADENAS”, says Alen Blechinger, CEO of the German parts management software Cadenas. His company has developed a solution that allows companies to quickly sort through their CAD file libraries to identify parts for cost-efficiently manufacturing with Freeform Injection Molding.


The demand for solutions that streamline the spare parts management process is on the rise. Supply chains have been strained – and sometimes broken – during Covid-19. And manufacturers are eagerly searching for ways to make their supply chains more resilient.


“Danfosscarries very substantial stocks of spare parts. Being able to manufacture small batches of injection molded components cost-efficiently will have a dramatic impact on our ability to support customers with spare parts on demand.” - Jesper Kirkegaard, Engineering director, Danfoss


With Aalborg University and Durham University, Jesper Kirkegaard and Danfoss support a Ph.D. on supply chain optimization based on Cadenas' part identification and Freeform Injection Molding.


“The combination of an automated part search engine and a quick-turn manufacturing platform shows very substantial promise,” says Jesper Kirkegaard, engineering director at Danfoss.


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