#Award statuette

Raising the bar on recycling

“The topic for the 2020 awards is ‘A sustainable society – a sustainable future,” says Daniel Jacobsen.


Leading the awards procurement project for the Danish Innovations fonden, he reached out to Addifab and Danish designer Alexiou & Tryde to bring recycled materials and innovative designs into the Innovations fonden award statuettes.


“We are deeply committed to challenging design constraints but usually face challenges when we want to turn a radical design into a product. With Freeform Injection Molding, we suddenly found that manufacturing was not the key barrier.” - Jacob Tryde, Alexiou & Tryde


And the team delivered. Using a polymer made out of recycled fishnets from the Danish recycler Plastix, they came up with a design that fully demonstrates what Freeform Injection Molding can do. Jacob Tryde from Alexiou & Tryde says

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