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Sprinting ahead with Freeform Injection Molding

Freeform Injection Molding is hardly comparable to 3D printing because 3D printing does not allow the same strength or endless polymer choices of Injection Molding, ” - Randy White, Chief Innovation Officer at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials.


And comparing Freeform Injection Molding with conventional injection molding is nota fair one either, as Freeform Injection Molding is typically much faster and cheaper than injection molding. Freeform Injection Molding can also do features that are impossible with traditional Injection Molding,” - Randy White continues.

Commanding some of the highest-performing metal replacement polymers on the planet, Randy White is constantly looking for technologies to help him bring these powerful materials into new applications.


“Freeform Injection Molding allows features at full IM strength that are not possible with either 3D printing or standard tooling. In this aspect, it is a unique technology that does not have a 1-to-1 comparison to anything.” - Randy White, Chief Innovation Officer at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials.


Demonstrating his commitment to lead the field of high-end low-volume manufacturing, Randy White has chosen to implement Freeform Injection Molding as one of the key accelerators in the company’s SPRINT program.


The development community is already benefitting. The KyronMAX challenge, launched in the spring of 2021, enabled innovative thought leaders to test even their wildest ideas.


If you want to know more about Freeform Injection Molding as-a-service, get in touch or reach out to Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials directly.