The big move

Dear all,

AddiFab has been growing fast over the last couple of years. To ensure that we can keep meeting demand, we are now moving to a newer and much more spacious headquarters in Taastrup near Copenhagen. A major expansion that affects every area of our business – positively!


With more space, we get an expanded showroom and production floor, which allows for faster growth. Among other things, we are improving our set-up for on-the-floor trials, to enhance the experience of the transformative impact of Freeform Injection Molding (FIM). Furthermore, we can host larger one-day seminars, with participants designing products in the morning, printing tools before lunch, and leaving with a finished part in the afternoon..


In 2020 we carried out more than 250 customer projects, and we believe we will have to double this number in 2021 to meet the rising demand. We have developed expertise in applications ranging from soft silicone implants to high-performance engineering parts, in a wide range of industries. However, we still regularly get requests that require us to develop new skills, and we want to ensure that we have the skills and resources available for when customers need us to go the extra mile. The move and expansion allow exactly that, and we cannot wait to get started!


Book your virtual guided tour here, and see you on Mårkærvej 2 when possible once again.

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Mission: To enable the qualities of injection molding for low-volume production, one-of-a-kind productions, prototyping, and personalization.


Vision: To enable mass customization, support global distribution of development and manufacturing, to lower the barrier between corporations and individuals, and to reduce the footprint of global manufacturing.