AddiFab zooms in on Micro Injection Molding

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(Jyllinge, Denmark) AddiFab, a Danish 3D-printing pioneer with a global reach, has made it their business to bring 3D-printing and injection molding together. Their goal: To provide injection molders with quality injection mold tooling that has the same short lead-times, low start-up costs, and design freedom as 3D-printed parts.


Hearing aids were the first targets

With Freeform Injection Molding (FIM), AddiFab has established itself as a leader in the emerging field of printed injection mold tooling. Now AddiFab is raising the bar, with the introduction of a module specifically aimed at micro injection molders.

“AddiFab has deep roots in the hearing aids industry”, says Jon Jessen, AddiFab co-founder and CIO “From day one, it has been a key AddiFab ambition to serve this industry. With AddLine Micro - the 10 µm upgrade we are now introducing – we deliver on this ambition”

The AddLine Micro is an upgrade package that allows users of AddiFab printers to increase printer resolution from a very decent 50 µm to a top-of-the-line 10 µm. In layman terms, this means that the smallest feature achievable is smaller than a white blood cell. For Micro Injection Molders, this level of resolution is exactly what is needed.


AddiFab ambitions don’t stop here

Lasse Staal, co-founder and CEO of AddiFab, has spent more than a decade developing minimally invasive medical devices. He sees the new 10 µm package as a very strong value-add for this industry. “With Freeform Injection Molding, we basically broke down the materials barrier between 3D printing and injection molding,” he says. “We have also demonstrated that FIM does not impact biocompatibility in a range of rubbers and polymers, enabling device manufacturers to blitz through pre-clinical trials. Miniaturization is one of the hottest topics in the medical device industry, and we are proud to support medical device manufacturers in their efforts to bring better devices faster to market.”

The Add-Line Micro package will be offered to select beta customers in Q1 2021, and Lasse Staal anticipates a high level of interest. “When we started reaching out to key players in the medical industry, we immediately got very strong attention”, he says. “Apparently, there has been a pent-up demand for solutions that allows the prototyping and low-volume production of advanced micro-components. Medical micro molders cannot compromise on materials, and with the AddLine Micro and Freeform Injection Molding we are providing the tools to ensure that they don’t have to”


About AddiFab

AddiFab is a Danish 3D printing pioneer, and creator of Freeform Injection Molding (FIM). The company manufactures and sells a complete program of 3D printers, post-processing equipment, software and materials to the manufacturing industry. FIM – the company’s flagship platform – combines the short lead-times, low start-up costs and design freedom from additive manufacturing with the scalability and wide range of materials from injection molding. This enables customers to dramatically shorten times-to-launch, increase customization levels and reduce supply chain complexity. AddiFab has offices in both Jyllinge, Denmark and in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley in the United States. For more information about AddiFab, visit


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