News and insights from the industries and FIM users 

A second first look for manufacturing: 3D printing finally beats the hype

Article by Forbes on the design benefits provided with additive manufacturing.


Strategic partnership to bring Freeform Injection Molding services to market.

Article by Fabbaloo on the collaboration that will bring FIM contract manufacturing to market this year.


Freeform Injection Molding service by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Article by 3Dprint detailing that Mitsubishi now will be offering FIM as a service. 


AddiFab injects 3D printing into the Injection Molding industry speaks to AddiFab about its Freeform Injection Molding technology.

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FIM is both an additive manufacturing technology and injection molding technology

Full piece article on AddiFab and its pioneering technology Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) written by 3D Adept.


AddiFab receives EU grant to boost Freeform Injection Molding Technology

An article by TCT Magazine on the boost AddiFab Received from an EU grant to Advance Freeform Injection Molding (FIM).

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AddiFab emerges with Freeform Injection Molding, Mitsubishi collaboration

Article by Fabbaloo about the collaboration between Mitsubishi Chemical and Addifab.


AddiFab to showcase blend of Additive Manufacturing and Injection Molding at RAPID + TCT in Detroit

At RAPID+TCT Addifab and Mitsubishi Chemical co-exhibited. Article by Digital Engineering.

Injection Molding & 3D printing combine to make Impossible Parts

Plastics Technology wrote this piece on Freeform Injection Molding speculating if it could be the next big crossover. 


Danish Technological Institute develops porous silicone implants with FIM

Article by Danish Technological Institute on using FIM to redesign Percutaneous implants.

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AddiFab combines AM and Injection Molding to unlock materials

3D Printing Media Network covered how AddiFab is testing Mitsubishi Chemical materials on the Freeform Injection Molding platform.

3D Printing & Injection Molding go hand in hand at Danish startup AddiFab

Article from 3D Printing Industry that gives tips-for-taps on what AddiFab & Freeform Injection Molding is all about.


AddiFab intrigues with 3D Printing freedom for Injection Molding

Article from Mitsubishi Chemicals on how the Freeform Injection Molding platform provides ultimate design freedom.


Q&A: AddiFab combining the benefits of 3D Printing and Injection Molding 

Article by TCT Magazine with Questions from TCT and answers from Lasse G. Staal, AddiFab CEO.

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Injection Molded 3D prints? AddiFab can do that

Fabbaloo on how AddiFab produces cavities that can be injection molded.

One-shot story: AddiFab combines benefits of 3D Printing with Injection Molding

How AddiFab produces one-shot molds with Freeform Injection Molding by TCT Magazine.

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How hybrid manufacturing between 3D printing &  Injection Molding can assist in making impossible products.

Freeform Injection Molding providing means necessary to

 leapfrog barriers

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Article on Fim winning 3rd place in the JX Nippon Minning & Metals accelerator program

FIM wins 3rd place in JX Nippon Minning & Metals accelerator program


Freeform Injection Molding nominated finalist for TCT awards 2019

Article by TCT Magazine on the finalist nominated for the 2019 TCT Awards.

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Using FIM to safeguard the performance of a unique champion

Article by IPU on how FIM is helping create the best prosthesis for a Paralympic champion.

10 impressions of Rapid + TCT 2019: Injection Molding Crossover

Article by Additive Manufacturing on 10 impressions from the Rapid + TCT 2019 show.

Combining Injection Molding with 3D printing creates freedom from conventional molding techniques

Article by Mold Making Technology on the design freedom that Freeform Injection molding allows.


Cornwall-based student develops sustainable buttons using 3D printing

Student Niall Jones worked with Fishy Filaments, AddiFab and Finisterre, to develop sustainable buttons


Freeform Injection Molding: COVID-19 collaboration scales up within a week

Article by Fabbaloo on the use of freeform injection molding in the fight against COVID-19.


Molding system using 3D printed inserts ready for US debut

Article by Plastics Machinery on the collaboration that will launch FIM in the US.

Printed inserts expand mold options

Article by Plastics Machinery on the freedom gained when using sacrificial molds.

AddiFab & GEOSearch partner to automate tooling part selection for 3D Printing

Article by 3D Print on the collaboration between AddiFab & GEOSearch.


Addifab announces partnership, Micromolding offering, PIM viability

Article by Plastics Technology on Mitsubishi Partnership, and possibilities with Micromolding.