Addifab Corporate Social Responsibility Framework

Addifab guarantees sustainability and business success by a thorough due diligence process within our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework. The framework is based on a model for lowering footprint in the environment and climate, ensuring safety at the workplace and for customers, and ethical governance. We believe in more sustainable manufacturing and shared responsibility. Therefore, we, inter alia, use recycled materials, encourage human rights, and produce locally while we comprehensively keep track of our inbound- and outbound logistics to ensure we can vouch for our partners, customers, and suppliers. Moreover, we closely relate our CSR policy to the United Nations sustainability goals, particularly pillars 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) and 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).

Our People

At Addifab we value an inclusive, diverse, and respectful workplace where employees appreciate coming and performing their tasks. We have a Code of Conduct that emphasizes a safe and healthy environment, physically and mentally by constantly ensuring that our safety measures are in place, by having conversations with employees, and resolving what problems that may arise. We are certain that by having a diverse workforce, both in gender and ethnicity, we get the best possible outcome, and make Addifab a better and more attractive employer.

Business Model

Our platform is made to lower the CO2 emissions that companies let out when manufacturing prototypes, and we are keenly focused on improving the process to lower the footprint as much as possible, inter alia, by shortening customers' supply chains and using plant-based materials. Furthermore, we keep production of both our machines and polymers in Denmark to pollute less via geographically shorter shipments, and we have a thorough supplier and customer due diligence to safeguard where our products are used, and what for, while assuring that our suppliers also live up to standards.



At our facilities in Taastrup, we do our utmost to keep the footprint low by investing in e.g. chairs and walls in recycled materials, while our energy comes entirely from green energy production such as windmills. Furthermore, we maintain a high standard for waste sorting and ensure proper chemical waste disposal.



We strive to be purpose-driven by optimizing the injection molding industry to create a better environment for prototyping which not only lowers CO2 emissions but also time-to-market and costs. We devote time to lectures and educational institutes, and to help the future labor force with entering the work market, while we maintain an up-to-date Privacy Policy, at all times guaranteeing that we follow the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) and do not violate any privacy rights. We, additionally, provide time and support in respect of human rights, and through transparency, measures do our best to ensure that our suppliers and business partners do the same.