Adding Scale to Additive Manufacturing

AddiFab is a Danish-based manufacturing company
With roots in the Hearing Aid and Medical industries, we have developed a deep understanding for how to deliver products and machines with high levels of accuracy and flexibility. We have assembled a team of highly competent technicians, engineers, business developers and end-users. We change the boundaries of today’s manufacturing and help our customers reach the upcoming markets of mass customization and low cost scale-up productions.

Our original intent was to automate 3D printing, but we found that today’s 3D printers cannot not be automated with a satisfying result. Therefore, we have developed our own printers to enable automation of the processes that comes after. In this process, we have strived to create a flexible system that allows incorporation of existing technologies. This allows us to become the first 3D printing company that will capture the potential in Industry 4.0.

We fast-track New Product Introductions
We have created Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) to optimize and accelerate new product launch. With FIM, designers get to enjoy the short lead-times and low start-up costs of additive manufacturing. At the same time, they can choose from the injection-molded materials they will normally want to use, and the machines they normally use for the molding. And once a good design has been found, it can be tested in the market with no need for metal tool investments. 

With FIM, you minimize the risk of investing in tools that end in failures.



AddiFab was founded by three friends with a strong track record in industrializing additive fabrication and new business development.

Jon Jessen, CTIO

Jon is specialized in mechanical engineering and toolmaking. He is the Technical lead and oversees the Add-Line production and development as well as our pilot production. Futhermore, Jon is responsible for helping prospective customers to choose the best solution for their particular needs.

Peter Lund Sørensen, CTO

Peter has several years of experience in software and electronics development as well as system architecture and integration, robotics and automation. Peter is responsible for the development and maintenance of AddiFab's IT infrastructure, Production Systems and the Quality Assurance platform.


Lasse G. Staal, CEO

Lasse combines experience from a broad range of management jobs in both software and hardware industries with a background in medical device development. Lasse is the point of contact for our key customers and responsible for the ongoing development of our business.