HI Expo 2017 - Technomania

Injection molding reinvented – 3d-Print and injection molding are merging

AddiFab invites current and future customers to visit our stand F5116 at the Herning Industrial Expo on October 4 and 5. At the Expo, you’ll get introduced to the Add-Line - our automated 3D-printing platform – as well as some of the products it is presently used for.


We will be participating this year with NextTECH, an AddiFab lead user dedicated to offering best-in-class 3D-printing to Danish industry. We will also be offering custom-fit hearing protection from the new danish brand AngelEars – manufactured on the Add-Line – at special Expo discounts.


At the Expo, we will be closing recruiting for the Add-Line Beta program that we launched in March. We have been very happy with the interest that this program has generated, and congratulate our Beta customers who have already used the program to gain access to best-in-class 3D-printing at very competitive prices.


Finally, we will use the Expo to step up recruiting of first movers interested in participating in the novel AddiFab STIM program. STIM - short for Sacrificial Thermoplastic Injection Molding - is a patent-pending reinvention of injection molding based on automated 3D-print. STIM, for the first time ever, allows manufacturers to combine the flexibility of 3D-printing with the scaleability and choice of materials of injection molding – from the very first prototype. The ability to support freeform injection molding is an AddiFab first, and an ideal platform for companies wanting to use production-grade materials from the first prototype.